Andy Crick

Andy Crick

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A manifesto for a greater Oxfordshire

We are very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country. Oxfordshire is a great place to live but anyone who has driven or cycled on our roads, who needs social care or who is looking for a GP or dentist will know that all is not as it might be.  Hobbled by the terrible Tory Council Tax (introduced in 1990 as a short term fix to the hated Poll Tax, then left to wither by Tory and Labour governments) which punishes the least well off the most, the County Council struggles to deliver the services we need to a standard we would wish, despite the best efforts of hardworking staff. 

Both locally and national, the Lib Dems seek to make our society fairer.  Oxfordshire Lib Dems have a manifesto for the County Council which sets out a clear programme for improving and maintaining our area and delivering high quality services.  You can read the manifesto here.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Don't let the Tories take you for granted

You would be forgiven for thinking that Hanborough and Minster Lovell hasn't had a County Councillor for the past four years as the outgoing Tory has been completely inactive, failing to turn up to meetings during most of their time in office and having little - if anything - to do with the division.  The annual report delivered to Hailey Parish Council this evening had to be written by an old County Councillor, such is the record of action of our most recent representative.

Liberal Democrats have a strong reputation for representing communities across the country actively and if elected, I will uphold this proud record.  I will undertake to meet with local residents and Parish Councils regularly, including providing updates on my work at the County Council through the year.  If you elect someone, you should at least expect them to be an active local representative.  You can trust a Lib Dem to do that.

If you would prefer not to be taken for granted by the Conservatives for another four years, vote for a change.  Vote Lib Dem.

About me

I have lived in West Oxfordshire since 2002. I am married with two children who both go to local state schools.  I currently work for Oxford Brookes University as a researcher in social care. 

I am very active in the local community:
- I have served as a Parish Councillor and Parish Clerk
- I helped to set up and run a successful community shop
- I organised successful fundraising events to support the venture
- I am currently Treasurer of my village hall committee
- I run a local social group for men in the village
- I sell poppies for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal each November. 

I have been an active Liberal Democrat for 30 years and I have been a Parliamentary candidate twice, in 2010 and 2015.